elephant FACE
Anastasia Ward

Loretta Bebeau
Beth Brownfield
Kyle Fokken
Lisa Jurgens
Holly Streekstra
Anastasia Ward

Cathy Camper
Allen Christian
Mark Gunderson
Jeffrey Isham
Andrea Jayne
Jonathan Nelson
Michael Pilmer
Mike Splatt
The Tape-beatles
Michelle Winowiak


The Festival Of Appropriation celebrated its fifth anniversary with new work by six Twin Cities artists, a performance by the Evolution Control Committee and a restrospective look at the show’s first five years.

On display throughout the month of November, at the Rogue Buddha Art Gallery, the 2003 exhibition included new work by Loretta Bebeau, Beth Brownfield, Kyle Fokken, Lisa Jurgens, Holly Streekstra and Anastasia Ward, in addition to returning artists Cathy Camper, Allen Christian (House of Balls), Mark Gunderson (the Evolution Control Committee), Jeffrey Isham, Andrea Jayne, Jonathan Nelson, Michael Pilmer, Mike Splatt, The Tape-beatles and Michelle Winowiak.

The 2003 Festival of Appropriation was sponsored by Some
Assembly Required

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